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Mano Davina and The Divine Hand Ensemble

Get ready for an auditory experience that has to be seen to be believed: a musical instrument that plays without being physically touched. That’s the Theremin, an electronic musical instrument sounded by the performer gesturing in the air to control radio frequencies, and it will be onstage front and center Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 7:00 p.m., when Mano Divina & The Divine Hand Ensemble perform at Lyceum Hall Theatre, 432 High Street in Burlington. The concert is presented by Arts Guild New Jersey in collaboration with Lyceum Hall Center for the Arts. Tickets are $18 advance, $22 at the door and available online through Eventbrite. 

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The Theremin is named after its inventor Léon Theremin, who created the device in the 1920s. Originally conceived as an orchestral instrument, the Theremin’s wavering, eerily haunting sounds quickly became a staple of sci-fi and horror movie soundtracks. The 9-piece Divine Hand Ensemble of Philadelphia has brought the Theremin into the mainstream of 21st-century music and features a string quartet, two harpists, two vocalists, a guitarist and Mr. Mano Divina, virtuoso of the Theremin. Divina, a former rock and jazz drummer with Flag of Democracy and Sun Ra, mastered the instrument’s sonic subtleties and sought to revive the Theremin’s concert legacy with a lively fusion of rock, classical and film music, from Mozart, Queen and Zappa to Harry Potter and Ghostbusters. Mano Divina & The Divine Hand Ensemble is an ADA accessible event.

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