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Guerilla Haiku Movement Comes to Burlington!

Did you ever write a haiku? Have you ever thought how haiku poetry could create community? Caley Vickerman, Haiku Mistress from the Guerilla Haiku Movement explains the power of community haiku. In this era of hyperstimulation - people are feeling increasingly isolated, even in the places (cities, neighborhood, communities) where we are supposed to feel connected.  Guerilla Haiku uses haiku poetry as a tool (simple, elegant, structured and precise) to empower residents of a neighborhood to reconnect with the spaces around them, the strangers they pass every day and, inevitably themselves. Haiku, because of their brief structure (3 lines with 5 syllables in the 1st line, 7 in the 2nd, 5 in the 3rd) empower people to share stories and surprise participants with their own ability to engage in creative play.  The result is a group of people reinvigorated by these new connections to invest more deeply in the communities in which they live and move. Powerful words that emphasize the importance of connection. And in this case, connection through haiku. 

Caley will begin with begin her day in Burlington City at Lyceum Hall Center for the Arts, 432 High Street where she will meet with teens and adults, including City Council members and police officers, who form her Haiku Scavenging Team. After an instructional meeting, the team will hit the streets. We’ll break for lunch/snacks at 2 PM (bring a bagged lunch with your name on it!). Then, a 3 PM talkback is scheduled with Caley and open for anyone who would like to learn more about this community building project. Caley will install a temporary art exhibit using the haiku gathered earlier in the day. This exhibit is open to the public On June 3rd at 3pm and again June 6th through June 16th weekdays only from 11 AM until 2 PM.

Have a few hours? From 11am-2pm Join a haiku scavenging team to gather haiku by starting conversations in the neighborhood around the Lyceum. Then share your experiences with other participants. 

Have an hour? At 3pm Enjoy a talkback about the Guerilla Haiku experience at the Lyceum led by Caley Vickerman, founder of Guerilla Haiku and hear highlights from the participants. 

Have a few minutes? Stop by the Lyceum at any time from 11am-2pm to leave behind a 17-syllable haiku sharing YOUR story. You can leave your haiku in a basket on the table in the hallway.