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Benito Gonzalez Trio

Benito is back! This time with The Benito Gonzalez Trio and we can’t wait! Join us on March 29th at 7 pm.

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Born into a family of Venezuelan folk musicians, jazz pianist Benito Gonzalez has always had a deep-rooted appreciation for pastimes and traditions. Today, as a rising star of one of America’s finest musical traditions, Gonzalez has come to his current status by following in the footsteps of jazz’s ancestral forebears. The fusion of world rhythms and straight-ahead jazz makes this passionate performer an audience favorite all over the world. 

Gonzalez has a golden touch on the piano, whether he’s playing a ballad or swinging for the fences.
– the JazzPage

Gonzalez proves he can handle just about 
anything thrown his musical way.
– KeyboardMag